Our personable, professional staff is fully trained and certified in physical assistance and emergency techniques. 

WCE's time-tested, proven professional staff of drivers and attendants is thoroughly trained in emergency therapy, as well as certified in CPR and other life-saving techniques:

• Our vehicle operators further meet all National Safety Council and defensive driving standards.

• Our friendly, responsive attendants, transport technicians and support staffers are expert in physical assistance and ambulatory guidance for the physically/mentally challenged and developmentally disabled. They are skilled with canes and walkers to gurneys to every sort of wheelchair, plus accompanying gear such as oxygen or prosthetics.

• Our dispatchers and reservations agents are ably prepared and equipped to provide helpful, knowledgeable, hassle-free service with boundless courtesy and good cheer.

Day-To-Day Examples of Those We Serve:

  • Hospital visits/releases
  • Mental health facilities 
  • Doctors/nursing appointments
  • Workers Comp cases
  • Dialysis sessions
  • Schools/disabled students
  • Surgery/treatments/therapy
  • Administrative agencies
  • Exams/labs/pharmacy visits
  • Shopping/groceries
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Other everyday errands