What Do We Mean By WheelCare? 

For more than 40 years, we have continuously provided direct non-emergency medical and on-demand transportation to the elderly, disabled and infirm.

Whether by virtue of passenger/ambulatory, gurney or wheelchair lift vans, WCE is an industry leader throughout Northern California. Deeply understanding the importance and demands of deliverance to health maintenance facilities for the sick, poor and invalid. Affording dependable mobility with conscientiously considerate, sensitive regard.

Safe, mobile, flexible—quick and dependable as the healthcare day is long, we meet all federal, state and local requirements, hold all professional certifications, and are completely ADA compliant. Rest assured, our large, modern fleet passes any and all equipment and roadworthiness inspections every time.

So should you have a patient scheduled for dialysis treatments, or if you're simply in need of a lift to school—shopping perhaps—don't hesitate to take us for a ride. 

Let us demonstrate how we can express with utmost confidence that we are the ultimate in care on wheels...

Current Clients: Our Roster and Honor Roll to Date. 

Our clients under contract include Northern California's largest, most prestigious healthcare providers and administrators, ongoing relationships nurtured with thorough open-audit transparency, not least:

  • Anthem/Blue Cross
  • San Francisco Health System/SFUSD
  • Kaiser-Permanente
  • Veterans Administration
  • Medical/Medicaid
  • Workers Comp
  • Regional Centers
  • HMOs
  • California State Hospitals
  • Various private-pay clients